I grew up in Northern California near Yosemite National Park, surrounded by the beautiful sequoia, oak, pine and cedar trees, and by wildflowers like the mariposa lily, the shooting star and dogwood, and I have always had a deep connection with nature and plants. But moving to Southern California 17 years ago made me respect the earth in a new way. The urban environment in which I’ve been living has made my yearning for plants and plant medicine grow even stronger. I realize how much we need a touch of nature in our lives, even if it’s just from an herbal salve we rub into our skin or a cup of soothing hand-crafted tea.

In Los Angeles I managed the vitamin/body care department at Whole Foods for three years before having my son. During this time I gained a great deal of knowledge and made connections with herbalists at different companies. I also worked for Eclectic Institute, an Oregon-based herb company for two years, representing their products in the Los Angeles area.

I have attended the South East Women’s Herbal Symposium and Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium for the past four years, connecting with female herbalists and healers from all over the United States. I have studied with and followed the work of Rosemary Gladstar, Corina Wood, Susan Weed and Johanna Cohen.

As a mother and full-time massage therapist, herbalist and healer, I am constantly drawing support and energy from the earth. The need to sustain myself and to heal my clients and family has been a huge motivation in my pursuit of finding the perfect herbal blends. Having a sensitive and allergic (but mostly just amazing) ten-year-old boy has strengthened my commitment to healing my son and others in natural ways. In addition to using nettle leaf internally for my son’s allergies, I created a nourishing, healing skin salve for eczema and dry skin. I also make soothing and nourishing body oils and medicinal loose teas for a variety of needs.

I have a passion for constantly learning more about plant medicine, for creating natural remedies and for sharing my knowledge and creations with others. All these elements (and a mother’s love for her son) have contributed to the birthing of Mama’s Magic Products. I am excited to share them with you!


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