My son gets such terrible diaper rash it can become open sores. Mama’s Magic Organic Healing Salve is the only thing that really works. It coats, seals and heals.

– Maura R.

I have had mild eczema for almost 20 years. Prescription creams never seemed to work. Mama’s Magic Organic Healing Salve has helped get rid of my eczema and stops new outbreaks in their tracks. I wouldn’t start the day without it.

–Maura R.

Thank you Cynthia! I had a rash appear at the base of my neck, then my inner elbows and finally after much scratching I remembered your lovely salve and had some relief!!!

– Diane G.

I LOVE my teas!!! They are so tasty and I can really taste the quality, and the bliss tea has those beautiful whole flowers. Best teas ever!

– Johanna T.


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