Welcome to Mama’s Magic, home of handmade, organic, herbal body care products and medicinal tea blends. Our healing salve, body oils and herbal teas make up the unique company that is Mama’s Magic. Creator, mama and herbal alchemist, Cynthia Berger started this company to gift those she loved with her healing inventions from the kitchen. In addition to the organic skincare products, Cynthia also blends medicinal herbs to make the most healing, balancing and calming tea blends one can drink. Cynthia is a firm believer that the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and the products we put on our skin should be organic, directly from the earth and used to tonify and heal the body. With skin being the largest organ of the human body, it is essential to use the purest, organic skin care possible. Please enjoy the gift of wellness and herbal healing.

mama’s magic
Body Oils

treat your skin with love
Remedies to re-hydrate and replenish nutrients to your skin.

mama’s magic
Supportive Teas

all organic and natural
Teas that will support your body at different moments and stages of your life.
relax · heal · enjoy

mama’s magic Skin Salve

heal your skin
An all natural, organic remedy to soothe and heal various skin ailments.

mama’s magic
Lip Balms

Soothe Your Lips
Organic, hand-crafted, moisturizing lip balms in three delicious flavors–Sweet Orange, Vanilla and Candy Cane.


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